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The school follows the Syllabus and Curriculum prescribed by the NCERT and the CBSE, New Delhi and the pattern of examination according to the norms prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. By and large NCERT and CBSE text and reference books are followed in conformity with the CBSE requirements. The subject/course offered in the school is as follows either of the any combination. Anyone among the following combinations can be offered by the students

  • Eng      Math     Phy.                 Chem.               Bio
  • Eng      Math     Phy.                 Chem.               Comp
  • Eng                  Phy.     Chem.               Bio                   P.E
  • Eng                       Phy.            Chem.               Math                 P.E.
  • Commerce
  • Eng.                 ACC.                            BSt.                  Eco.                 P.E.      Comp/Math

The major subjects at the Nursery stages are English, Mathematics, Rhymes, Drawing, 
Colouring, SUPW, Games and Physical exercises.

The subjects taught in the School according to the 10+2 pattern of education from Std. -III onwards are: Computer Education, Fine Arts and Paintings, Yoga andAsanas, Craft Education, Musicand Dance Project Work, Brass Band and Karate.

(i) English                                                                         (x) Scouts & Guides 
(ii) Mathematics                                                             (xii) FineArt and Paintings 
(iii) Science & Technology                                           (xiii) Yoga and Yogasanas
(iv) Social Science                                                          (xiv) Craft Education 
(v) Regional Language (Odia)                                    (xv) Music and Dance 
(vi) Hindi                                                                          (xvi) Project work
(vii) EVS                                                                           (xvii) Brass Band
(viii) Sanskrit (from Std.-V onwards)                      (xviii) Karate 
(ix) Health & Physical Educatio