UNIFORM Prabhujee E.M. School


"Emphasis is given on personal cleanliness and neatness of the children. The students are bound to come to school in the following prescribed uniforms.


Cream colour with light brown stripes half shirt and brown colour half pant for the students of L.K.G to Std.-VI, Full pant for the students of Std.-VII to Std.-X, Shoes and socks -Black colour leather shoes, brown socks with two white borders, Belt- Brown colour with white border in the middle and metal logo of Prabhujee. Sweater-Brown colour full sweater both for boys and girls, scarf-Brown colour, Tie-Brown colour with white stamps of Prabhujee.


Blue colour pant, white Colour with blue check shirt, black colour leather shoes, Blue socks with white border belt-blue colour with white border and metal logo of PrabhujeeE.M.School.Tie-blue colour with white stripe.Blazer-navy blue colour.


Brown colour tunic and cream colour blouse with light brown stripes, Tie-Brown colour with white stamps of Prabhujee for the students of L.K.G. to Std. -VI, brown colourpunjabi, cream coloursalwar with light brown stripes, Dupatta-brown colour from Std.-VII to Std.-X. Brown slacks for winter session from class LKG to class -VI. That can be used for Yoga classes

PRABHUJEE  ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL, a constituent unit of the Kriya Yoga Ashram  (Kriya Yoga Foundation Trust) was born in a natural setting in July 1984 with a view to imparting a liberal and vocational education enriched with the development of spiritual and moral values based on India's rich cultural heritage. It was founded and inaugurated  by Swami Sankarananda Giri, the present Life President with his European disciples.

Blue coloursalwar, white colour with blue colourkurta, topbluecolourdupatta.
PT. Dress
For Boys-White colour full pant, white colour shirt, white canvas shoes and white socks. (Half pant upto Std.-VI and Full pant for others) For Girls - White colourpunjabi, white coloursalwar, white dupatta (form Std. -VII to XII) and white colour tunic, white colour blouse, white colour canvas shoes & socks and white ribbon (from L.K.G to Std.-VI) School Badge and Identity Card are must for both boys and girls for everyday use.
House Dress:
There are four houses and all the students are divided homogeneously in these houses with the
Following House Dress :-
House                                   Colour
BabajeeMaharaj               DeepYellow
LahiriMahasaya                                Royal Blue
Yukteswarjee                    Saffron
Yogananda                          Maroon
Scout Guide & NCC(make one linkunder facility)

The school offers N C C  facilities to extend social training to the students total strength is 32 in each batch in scout and guides and 25 and 8 in NCC (Boys and girls respectively)