There is a canteen for the convenience of the staff and students. Students are not allowed to purchase anything from outside the campus or from vendor during the school hours. Only vegetarian food without onion and garlic is served in the canteen. Students are advised not to bring food materials in plastic packet.

Daily Diary

Every student should invariably be in possession of the school diary during his/her stay in school. (Principal)

House Captain

Every student should invariably be in possession of the school diary during his/her stay in school. (Principal)

Babaji Maharaj House:
  1. Sushree abhipsa Patra – XI (B) (Captain)
  2. Hitesh Agarwal – XI (A) Captain)
  3. A.U. Kirti – X (A) (Vice Captain)
  4. Ashutosh Mohanty – IX (F) (Vice Captain)
  5. Swati Sucharita Mishra – VIII (F) (Vice –Captain)
  6. Saswat Swain – VIII (F) (Vice Captain)
  7. Deepa Rani Patra – XI (A) (Leader)
  8. Pratik Nayak – XI (A) (Leader)
  9. A. Swarna Laxmi Patra – X (E) (Leader)
  10. Divyansh Mishra – (IX) (Leader)
  11. Sai Sidhi Samal – (VII (B) (Lader)
  12. Soumesh Padhy – VII (A) (Leader)
  1. Preetipurna Kundu – XI (B) Captain
  2. N. Bidyashree – IX (A) Vice Captain
  3. Nikhilesh Behuria – X (D) Vice Captain
  4. Megha Satapathy – VIII ( C) Vice Captain
  5. Avisek Samal – VIII (D) Vice Captain
  6. Ananya Campati – XI (D) Leader
  7. Sasank Pradhan – XI (B) Leader
  8. Abhijit Biswal – IX (D) Leader
  9. Kritika Mohanty VII (B) Leader
  10. Deepankar Rout – (VII) Leader
Yukteswarjee House:
  1. Sweta Satarupa – XI (B) Captain
  2. S. jyotika – X (E) Vice Captain
  3. Purna Chandra Swain – IX (F) Vice captain
  4. Amiya Dash – VIII (A) Vice captain
  5. Yash Das – VIII (E) Vice Captain
  6. Sheli Nayak – XI (A) Leader
  7. Piyush Mishra – XI (B) Leader
  8. Priyanka Nanda – X (B) Leader
  9. Tanya T. Pradhan – VIII (A) leader
  10. Abhisek Mohanty – VII (D) leader
  1. N. Banishree – IX (B) captain
  2. Sairus Prusti – XI (B) Captain
  3. Ansal Das – IX (A) Vice Captain
  4. Subhendu Mohapatra – IX ( C) Vice Captain
  5. ASatayu Dhal – VIII (C ) Vice captain
  6. Priyansu Samanta – VIII (D) Vice captain
  7. Sustry Surachita Dhal – XI (B) Leader
  8. Priyobrata Lakra – XI (B) leader
  9. Mahek swain – IX (a) leader
  10. Sumit Mohanty – IX (C ) Leader
  11. A. Somyasri Patra – VII (A) Leader
  12. Srujan Kirty – VII (D) Leader

PE Medium School

PRABHUJEE ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL, a constituent unit of the Kriya Yoga Ashram (Kriya Yoga Foundation Trust) was born in a natural setting on 26th June 1984 with 26 students. It was founded and inaugurated by Swami Shankarananda Giri, the Life President with his Indian and European disciples.

OUR Contacts

  • Prabhujee English Medium School Kriya Yoga Ashram V.S.S. Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Near Indian Overseas Bank Odisha 751007
  • Phone: 0674-2589659 / 25891414
  • E-mail: prabhujee_school@rediffmail.com Website: www.prabhujeegurukul.com.com